Tacos Baja

Best Fish Tacos in Town!!!

Fish Tacos

A few years ago my wife and I were reading the Los Angeles Magazines Best of Mexican Food in LA.  Each year the magazine comes out with the Best OF for different ethnic foods.  Mexican, Italian, Chinese etc.  Well we decided we should try as many as we can and make our own judgement.  We started at # 1 – Tacos Baja and got all the way to # 5 and decided to stop.  It was pointless. 

After eating at Tacos Baja, all other Mexican Restaurants paled in comparison.   The original one is located at 5385 Whittier Blvd in Los Angeles.  I was ecstatic when they opened one here in Whittier at 16032 Whittier Blvd., across the street from Triple AAA in East Whittier.

By far, they have the best fish tacos, burritos and shrimp cocktails you will find anywhere.  If you get a chance to eat at anyone of their restuarants don’t forget to ask for LuLu, the owner, she is a great person and makes a killer Baja Burrito:-)  And don’t forget to tell them, Chris Vigil the Realtor sent you!!!

You can also visit them here at www.tacosbaja.com



  1. You know it Chris… This place has the BEST Fish Tacos in town and .99 cents on Wednesdays!

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