Winterize Your Home


Winterize Your Home By now for some of us our Christmas decorations are up or very close to being put up.  We are preparing for the holidays and the rain that comes with it.  We are digging out our sweaters and possibly winterizing our cars with new windshield wipers or perhaps new tires.  We are doing our best to stay ahead of Mother Nature.  … [Read more...]

Loan Modification, Freddie & Fannie

Loan Mod

 Refinancing Just Got Easier Just this week on his Presidential campaign trail President Obama announced his home refinancing plan seeks to let a million or more American homeowners save money on their mortgages, even if those loans are underwater. But the plan itself is not a new idea: A pair of economists at Columbia University — Chris Mayer … [Read more...]

Tacos Baja

Fish Tacos

Best Fish Tacos in Town!!! Fish TacosA few years ago my wife and I were reading the Los Angeles Magazines Best of Mexican Food in LA.  Each year the magazine comes out with the Best OF for different ethnic foods.  Mexican, Italian, Chinese etc.  Well we decided we should try as many as we can and make our own judgement.  We started at # 1 - … [Read more...]

Benefits of Working With A Realtor

"Realtor Benefits"

Benefits of a Realtor  Many Unseen Benefits As the summer heats up so does that number of people looking to purchase real estate.  Be it a first time buyer or a seasoned investor.  Well-qualified buyers are out in abundance.  Recently I met a couple on my Sunday tour of homes that really liked the idea of my tour.  See six homes within two … [Read more...]

Reverse Mortages Pro’s & Con’s

Is It Right For You?

REVERSE MORTGAGES Is It Right For You? They say youth is wasted on the young.  Simply because as we get older we become wiser in our lives especially with money decisions.  With youth comes ambition and a resourcefulness that alludes us as we get older.  Its not very long after growing up that we are faced with the day to day challenges that … [Read more...]

Internet Vital Tool For Real Estate

"As seen in the Whittier Daily News"

Buyers Look Online First We made it.  2012 is here and with it comes many new aspirations.  Certainly on most peoples lists are to eat right and go to the gym often, perhaps spending time with the kids or even taking a daily vitamin. Some may in even have “Purchase a home or sell existing home” on that list.  All of these goals are … [Read more...]

Gifts Still Make Great Downpayments

Money Gift

Gifts still make great down payments As a parent of three children, it brings me joy to provide for my kids as they grow up. Money plays a crucial role in the standard of living for parents and their offspring. To be able to pay for the essential things in life brings any parent satisfaction and helps with the reason to get up and go to work every … [Read more...]