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SMARTPHONE HOME SEARCH FOR THE TECH SAVVY With this weeks downpour most home buyers are starting to slow down in the pursuit of buying a home.  With Christmas fast approaching many will just wrap up plans to purchase and wait until January and pursue the dream of home-ownership with gusto. Many would be buyers do a lot of footwork prior to even … [Read more...]



HOW ARE COMPARABLES USED IN HOME SALES How relevant are comparables when submitting an offer on a property?  If you are a buyer looking for a home they are extremely relevant.   An agent hired to list a property for sale relies heavily on comparables to establish a competitive listing price.  Not all comparables are created equal and that is what … [Read more...]

Internet Vital Tool For Real Estate

"As seen in the Whittier Daily News"

Buyers Look Online First We made it.  2012 is here and with it comes many new aspirations.  Certainly on most peoples lists are to eat right and go to the gym often, perhaps spending time with the kids or even taking a daily vitamin. Some may in even have “Purchase a home or sell existing home” on that list.  All of these goals are attainable with … [Read more...]

Gifts Still Make Great Downpayments

Money Gift

Gifts still make great down payments As a parent of three children, it brings me joy to provide for my kids as they grow up. Money plays a crucial role in the standard of living for parents and their offspring. To be able to pay for the essential things in life brings any parent satisfaction and helps with the reason to get up and go to work every … [Read more...]