Staging Your Home For Sale

Stage Your Home

TO STAGE OR NOT TO STAGE When it comes to selling a home a Realtor is often posed with the question “What tips can you give me for fixing up my house to sell it?”  Ask any realtor and you will get any unique answers that are all different, some good, some bad.  When I am asked that question I like to keep it simple, repair obvious maintenance … [Read more...]

Winterize Your Home


Winterize Your Home By now for some of us our Christmas decorations are up or very close to being put up.  We are preparing for the holidays and the rain that comes with it.  We are digging out our sweaters and possibly winterizing our cars with new windshield wipers or perhaps new tires.  We are doing our best to stay ahead of Mother Nature.  In … [Read more...]

Smartphone Home Search


SMARTPHONE HOME SEARCH FOR THE TECH SAVVY With this weeks downpour most home buyers are starting to slow down in the pursuit of buying a home.  With Christmas fast approaching many will just wrap up plans to purchase and wait until January and pursue the dream of home-ownership with gusto. Many would be buyers do a lot of footwork prior to even … [Read more...]

Loan Modification, Freddie & Fannie

Loan Mod

 Refinancing Just Got Easier Just this week on his Presidential campaign trail President Obama announced his home refinancing plan seeks to let a million or more American homeowners save money on their mortgages, even if those loans are underwater. But the plan itself is not a new idea: A pair of economists at Columbia University — Chris Mayer and … [Read more...]

Benefits of Working With A Realtor

"Realtor Benefits"

Benefits of a Realtor  Many Unseen Benefits As the summer heats up so does that number of people looking to purchase real estate.  Be it a first time buyer or a seasoned investor.  Well-qualified buyers are out in abundance.  Recently I met a couple on my Sunday tour of homes that really liked the idea of my tour.  See six homes within two hours … [Read more...]